Quantified Self: My Online Life in the last 8 Months

We at archify are working hard to give our users important insights of their internet usage. To give a first impression of upcoming features I, Max, gave a talk at a quantified self meetup in Berlin, presenting some numbers about my own online life in the last 8 months. And of course, I want to share these numbers with you as well!

Total Items in archify for Me

In the 244 days from the 1st of January 2012 until the 31st of August 2012, archify recorded 730.398 items for me! This image shows you the number of items for the different sources we are importing into archify:


Quite nice, right? So i get around 2.500 items/day in my Twitter stream, which is quite a lot! I surf around 100 pages/day and my friends on Facebook are posting around 300 items/day.


Of course it makes sense to take a look at the timeline to see when archify saved the amount of items I had, so here are the graphs for all the services which were archived::


Some notes about the graphs:

  • In regards to Facebook, starting in June, we began to import more stuff (pages, etc.) into archify.
  • The most interesting is Linkedin. We released it in February and in the middle of April we stopped importing tweets that were sent to Linkedin in order to avoid duplicates. This is the reason for the decrease of items getting imported (Linkedin stopped the import of tweets a few weeks later anyway). 
  • The peak of my web browsing was in March because we had to google all the words we found in the first draft of the VC contract:)

More About my Browsing Behaviour

Now I want to take a closer look at my browsing. archify saved for me a screenshot of every page i saw, here is a collage of all 22.886 snapshots. This is just the small resolution sample, you can download the full size image here.


Domains visited

In this 8 months i was surfing 2.951 different domainsin these 8 months, which I thought was quite a lot!

Here is a breakdown of my 20 most visited pages:


As you can see, I am a news junkie, a fashion victim, a developer and was also searching for an apartment in Berlin :) 

One interesting fact is that only 63 different domains are responsible for over 50% of my pageviews in this period. I visited 1.347 domains only once, thats 45,6% of all pages.

Refering Sources

The list of the top 20 refering sources, these are the pages where I clicked on a link to come to the next page, which shows quite some big differences:


Google is not in the list of my top pages because I blocked it in archify, so i don’t find my Google searches in my archify searches, would make no sense:)
Interesting is how often i clicked on links to images in my Twitter client that are getting redirected to t.co,

Time Spend on Webpages

archify is recording for me the time I spend on a page, this is important because it will influence my search results when I search on archify. Here are the top 20 domains that I spend the most time on:


Well, there’s the news again, nearly 14 hours spent on the public broadcast in Austria, but I also love to play computer games (in my not existing spare time). Sometimes I browse the web when watching a TV series (I saw something about mulletfestival.com) and like to check out eztc to see what series are new. So this (same as with the referal sources) gives a completely different picture of my surfing than the top domains.

On average I spend 22 seconds on a page and the average wordcount of the pages I saw is 1.319, so you can imagine how fast I can read:)

Overall, in these 244 days, I spend 6 days only surfing the web, thats 2,5% of the time.


archify tries to guess the language a page is written in. This does not always works, but for me it was possible to detect it in 57% of all cases. Nothing unforseen here, as I spend most of the time on English and German pages:


The other languages are mostly Russian, Mandarin and Dutch.

Location, Location, Location

Finally, archify is recording the location of where I was surfing the web, so for every page I browse, archify records the location of my laptop. This is very convenient when you want to find something you saw at a conference for example.

In these 8 months I surfed the web from 42 different locations in Europe. Here is a map of these places:


Well, it’s quite easy to see that I moved from Vienna to Berlin and that we had quite some talks with VCs in London. You can also see that I was in Linz, the airport in Frankfurt and for a weekend in Budapest:)

I have only been in Berlin for just two months, but you can still see some well known places (for example, the archify HQ) on this map:


Days without Surfing

Finally, the most important number: 

I only spent 2 (two!) days not surfing the web on my laptop or any other archify enabled device, thats 0,8% of the days, way too high!

I can even remember both days. One was a one day trip to London to talk to VCs and the other was the day I was moving to Berlin!

These are just some example of the statistics we are working on so if you want to try out archify please put your name on the waiting list, we will send out new invites very soon!