An important message about archify


Here at archify, we’ve had an amazing two years helping people see, search and find all of their browsing and social media history. Our goal was to make it as easy as possible to find stuff again you have already seen. We are proud that we could help many of our users in the daily task of remembering stuff.

Today we want to share the exciting news that our team has started the search engine Blippex. Blippex utilizes the archify search technology in an expanded way and takes a stand against the monocultural search market by introducing the DwellRank. A search algorithm which ranks the search results based on the time people spend on a website.

Unfortunately this also means that we will be shutting down the archify service. As of now it is no longer possible to sign up for archify. Your account with archify and all its content will be deleted on Wednesday July 24th.

Finally, we would like to share a word of heartfelt thanks with our loyal users, partners and our incredible team. We cannot thank you enough for all of your support, feedback, and warm wishes over the years.

Gerald, Max and the archify Team

One Week of Blippex: 125k+ searches, tons of press and a search-overlay!

A week ago we launched Blippex to start a discussion, and boy, we were blown away from the usage and feedback!

Blippex was covered on GigaOM, BBC, Businessweek, Venture Village and many other sites. After existing for only one week, the BBC already see us as an alternative to Google, which we never thought ourselves as at this state!

Thank you all for the great support over these past days and of course, keep on searching & browsing!

Blippex has served over 125 000 searches this week. Here is a graph of the number of searches per day


Just to give you an idea of what this means to us: According to these statistics it took DuckDuckGo (our favorite search engine!) nearly 18 months, after the company was founded, to get to around 30 000 searches per day, which we reached in only one week!

But we don’t stop there!

Today we have released new versions of the Chrome, Firefox and Safari extension that include a search overlay. This means every time you search on Google, you also see the three top results from Blippex, makes it easy for you to compare the results and decide where to click!

This is how it looks like:


The search overlay is available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox, so go get it!

Of course, if you don’t like it you can disable it by unselecting the checkbox in the popup that appears when you click on the Blippex icon in the toolbar.

Wait, there is more to come!

Next week we will release our first database dump (it will be a mongodump, we think for now this is the best method), so everyone can see what is in our index. Also, don’t forget the upcoming Windows 8 (phone & desktop) apps!

And finally: To help improve Blippex, please tell your friends! The more people who are a part of the community, the better it will get for everyone!

Thank you & keep on searching!


A search engine built by the crowd, that does not suck


Google’s PageRank has revolutionized search, but over the last ten years it has forced every other search engine to look and act like Google. This has made it almost impossible to establish a better, modern search engine other than Google, granted it’s popularity is the major indicator for it’s quality. Nice for Google, not so nice for healthy competition.

Meet the DwellRank

During our work at archify, a private search engine across the content of your browsing history, Max and I realised that there is one core metric that could be an alternative to the PageRank. We learned that the biggest commitment a user can make to a web page and content, is the time the user spends on it. We can safely assume that a web page where users only spend a few seconds on is not as important as a page where they spend several minutes. That’s a much stronger commitment than hitting a like button can ever be. And it’s a stronger indication for quality content than links between machines. We call this new way of ranking pages, DwellRank.
Dwellrank is a better way to find the right search results, based on the time users actually spend on the page.

Meet Blippex

After 2 years of valuable experience with archify we decided to build a search engine called Blippex, which is based on the DwellRank. We’ve built extensions for all major browsers (sorry IE), which sends the URL of the web page and the time they spent on it to our servers. The database is built by the input from humans, which helps create the Blippex search engine. It is also available for everyone, even if you have not installed the extension (but you should install it!).
The challenge around Blippex is finding enough people who are willing to share their data. As a result, we have created many privacy safeguards. If you use the extension we will only save three data points:

  • the URL
  • the current time
  • the time you spent on the page

It is very important to make clear that we do not save anything which could possibly identify you. It is also important to say that if you have any ideas on how to improve the security of Blippex even further, we are happy to do so. But let me get back to Blippex and why we built it.

A search engine built by the crowd, that does not suck

It is very important to make clear that we do not save anything which could possibly identify you. It is also important to say that if you have any ideas on how to improve the security of Blippex even further, we are happy to do so. But let me get back to Blippex and why we built it.

Search should be controlled by the people using it

Search should not be a blackbox. People should be in control of pretty much everything. At Blippex, people provide the data for the search engine and help make it better. They are also in control of the search results and can easily manipulate the different parameters.

Search Parameters should be transparent

Every parameter of the search should be available for the people who are using it. That said, it’s a work in progress, especially with the scoring of search terms, but it is possible to control how many days the search should go back and influence the final scoring in terms of searchterm frequency (how often the searchterm is mentioned on the page) versus DwellRank.

Search Ranking data should be available

Although we know the basic parameters of search algorithms, their complexity is hidden in a big blackbox. Blippex intends to open its search algorithm data. As a first step we will include the scoring details into our public API, which will be available for everyone. This is the same API that uses.

The Search database should be open

Not only should the ranking be transparent but also the data itself. Especially at Blippex, where the data comes from our users we think it is our duty to give it back to the users. Therefore we will publish a dump of our database every month.

Searching needs strong privacy

We do not think that there is anything wrong with tracking your users because it is sometimes the only way to improve your service. But the users should always be aware what is being tracked about him and how it is stored or even shared. Search engines have a special duty because they are dealing with with very sensitive data about their users and their interests. That’ why we are trying to keep the privacy level at the highest possible level.

We are releasing Blippex today and invite you to participate in making a search engine that doesn’t suck and is built by the people, for the people.

Gerald & Max
PS: Why the heart in the Blippex logo? Only humans have a heart!